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Past Presentations

- Ben Steinhauser
Using & Extending SharePoint 2010 Claims Based Authentication
Using SharePoint 2010 Claims Based Authentication to extend the out-of-the-box functionality to support multiple authentication providers.  This includes custom FBA authentication using default SQL authentication, a custom membership provider using flat XML files (for proof-of-concept).  Also, a custom membership provider using OpenID to authenticate remote users will be demonstrated, showing how SharePoint can leverage newer paradigms with user identities on the web.  Examples will be shown for each of the concepts demonstrated, keeping the presentation interactive and showing the pro/cons of each concept.
- Dan Usher & Scott Hoag
Pitfalls of Moving to SharePoint 2010
Organizations of all sizes are begging their technical departments to setup SharePoint 2010 so that they're able to make use of some of the capabilities introduced within the SharePoint 2010 platform. While designing, implementing, configuring and deploying a system in and of itself has its own set of challenges, migrating into that shiny new SharePoint can be even more difficult.
In this session, Scott and Dan will share some of their experiences and lessons learned tips, tricks and pointers for ensuring that you've considered the various aspects of challenges that arise during a migration effort. Further, as a bonus they'll share how to not fall prey to some of these pitfalls but rather be able to show that you're a well rounded professional that's thought things through before pressing the enter key.
- Paul Galvin [MVP]
Extending SharePoint Desinger Workflows
SharePoint Designer workflow is a powerful end user tool. Like many out of the box SharePoint end user tools, however, it brings you about 80% of the way where you want to be. Like many SharePoint tools, SharePoint Designer workflow is extensible. In this session, learn why you would want to extend SharePoint Designer workflow and how you can do it. During this presentation, you’ll see some code, see a demo and provided with the info you need to extend SharePoint Designer workflow.